TOS Displays Project

Science / Library Computer Station

 Displays from right to left are:

Sci 1

This is a slowly changing display. It has 1 static light, 1 group of dual-flashing lights, and several other groups that blink on and off. The pattern continually repeats.



This 6 by 6 display has 3 groups of flashing lights. This is one version of this display, and the one I built many years ago. At some point the light pairings changed which gave the display a different look. I don't know if this was by design, or if the timer motor was removed for repair and then just mis-wired when replaced.

Sci 4


This 6 by 6 display also has 3 groups of flashing lights like Sci3.

Sci 5


This is the Library Computer display. It continuously cycles the same repeating pattern. It was sometimes "sped-up" to indicate computer activity.

Sci 6


This is the “Science Scanner” as seen early on in the series as it is in the best condition during the first few episodes. It consists of 2 identical radial spoke patterns attached to glass, one on top of the other. They are offset slightly from the center of rotation. The rotating pattern spins CW about 2 RPM. As the patterns continuously come into and out of alignment, they create an interference pattern, or moire (pronounced "mwah-ray") that can be seen as the expanding and contracting “spider”. The same pattern was used on the hero communicators with slight modifications.

 This file is very graphic intensive and a fast PC is needed to show this correctly. If you use Ctrl+ or Ctrl-, you can find the size that will best run on your computer.


Sci 7


This is a 6 by 6 display. It consists of 6 groups of flashing lights, twice that of Sci3 and Sci4.