TOS Displays Project

Engineering Station


Displays from left to right are:


Eng 1


 This is a 5 by 6 display. It has a static graphic middle with 3 groups of flashing lights on the edges that repeat the same pattern. This display is wired together with Eng2, working off the same 3-wheel cam timer. A similar arrangement can be seen on the Comm station with displays Comm6 and Comm7.

Eng 5


This is a 5 by 6 display. There are 3 groups of flashing lights. The static lettering in the 1st column is my own as no closeups exist as far as I know.

Eng 6



This display has text that is my own and is mostly static with a simple flash sequence that repeats.

Eng 7



This is a 6 by 6 display. It has 1 group of flashing lights, and 2 lights that blink on and off. The same pattern repeats continuously. The graphic is accurate as the original panel was included in an auction several years ago, and detailed pictures were taken. Pics of the original can be seen on the Props page.

Eng 8


 This is the far right display on the Eng station. It is mostly static with a simple flash sequence that repeats. This same display was used at various bridge stations with slight changes in either orientation or colored gels.

Engineering Substation



This display appears on the Engineering Substation adjacent to the main view screen. It is not seen often in any detail, but the station was used prominently as a backdrop in the episode" And the Children Shall Lead". It is also one of the few displays that use blue light gels.