TOS Displays Project

Communications Station

 Displays from right to left are:

Comm 1

This is a 6 by 6, square display. It has a column of text, some static lights, and 3 groups of flashing lights. The text is my own as no close-ups showing the actual text exist, as far as I know.

Comm 2

This is a 6 by 6, square display. It has a static center section, the text I believe to be accurate, and some numbers that are my own.

Comm 3

This is a 7 by 6 display. The text in the 1st column is correct. There are several static lights, and 6 groups of flashing lights.

Comm 4

This is a 5 by 6 display with 6 groups of flashing lights.

Comm 5

This is a static display, the text is as close as I can see with some pretty good closeups available. This display is the same size as the Comm 3 and Comm 7 displays.

Comm 6

This is the transmitter display. It only has 2 blinking lights and actually works in concert with Comm7, each using the same cam timer circuit. This same arrangement is used at the Engineering station with Eng1 and Eng2 working off of the same cam timer.

Comm 7

This display has several static elements, 3 groups of flashing lights, and 2 independent flashers. "DATA DISPLAY" is correct. The other text is my own.

Comm 8

This is the far left display on the Comm station. It has a couple static elements and 5 groups of flashing lights. As far as the text goes, this is all my own as I haven't seen any close-ups of the panel to get the correct text. Sometime during the series, the graphic slid down and part of the yellow and green frames were below the light compartments. It is seen this way throughout much of the series and is simulated here every minute.