TOS Displays Project



Welcome to my little corner of the Star Trek universe! Unlike most other Trek sites, this one will concentrate on the many display panels seen throughout the sets of the original series or TOS, primarily the 1st season Enterprise Bridge.

Every effort is made to faithfully reproduce the unique look of the display panels both static and animated by emulating the mechanical timers used to operate the originals. Having no insight to the actual techniques used, this is all conjecture on my part based on budget constraints and technology and materials available, as well as similar techniques used on other shows at the time.

Since many of these displays were never seen with any close-up detail, and considering the amount of time that has passed, 100% accuracy may never be reached. This is especially true with displays that have text, in which case I add my own if the actual text is unknown. 

All of the displays here were created using Adobe Illustrator, which is a vector drawing program, and animated with Macromedia Flash. As such, a fast computer with at least Flash Player 8 is required to view the site as intended.

Use the page links to the left and have a look around. I still have many more to do before all of the bridge display panels are complete. Pages will be updated as I find reference material on the missing displays, as this is an ongoing project.



 * Update *  - Screensaver version 2.2 now available on the Downloads Page